Walk ins are always welcome and are treated on a first come, first serve basis. To guarantee a spot/ availability, book an appointment.


Although consultations are important, a formal consultation session is not required. You are more than welcome to come by at anytime to discuss and plan your tattoo. All of the artists and management are well versed and very knowledgeable in the field.


Once you have decided which artist you would like to be tattooed by, we will choose an appointment date and time, fill out a release form and leave minimum $100 deposit. Piercings do no require appointments or deposits.


A minimum of $100 deposit is required for all tattoo appointments depending on artist and design may be more. They are used to hold the time slot you have chosen. It’s a guarantee for you that you will be tattooed, and a guarantee for us that you will show up. Deposits will be deducted from the final price of your tattoo.

If paying with Credit Card, this document establishes the Policy for any deposit with Forever Young Ink and all Cardholders. Compliance will ensure Payment Card transactions are incurred and approved. 

Deposits of are non-refundable.


We understand that life happens and you may have to change your tattoo appointments. We require 48 HOURS notice to change the date. To cancel an appointment would be to forfeit your deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.





For some people, tattoos can be very painful and exhausting. We recommend all clients resting well before their appointments. Tattoos aren’t sprints, they’re marathons. Make sure you are well fed, hydrated and not under any influence of alcohol or abusive substances. Avoid drinking excessively the night before your tattoo session. 


After going through all that pain for that hard earned artwork, its crucial that you look after your tattoo carefully to keep it looking beautiful.

All clients will be wrapped up and given A&D ointment before they leave. Leave the wrapping on until you get home. Once you’re home, remove it and wash it with warm water softly with unscented soap. Wash off all the Vaseline or dried ink/ blood on and around your tattoo.

Take a soft cloth and pat it dry. Apply a very thin layer of the A&D ointment. Do not apply too much, if your tattoo can’t breathe, you will break out in and around your tattoo. Only apply the ointment when your skin is clean.

When you are at home and can leave the tattoo exposed, do so.

When dressing, make sure the clothes you wear over your tattoo are newly washed. Sleeves and pants that have not been washed recently may hold sweat residue, dirt or bacteria that may irritate your tattoos and cause infection. To be safe, wrap your tattoo in saran wrap for the first 2-3 days.

When showering, use only unscented soap, no perfumes. Try not to shower for too long and once again, only shower in warm water. Pat to dry.

After 3 days or once the A&D ointment packet we gave is done, you can start using unscented lotion on your tattoo. Once again, very light layers and only when your skin is clean. Your skin needs to breathe in order for it to heal.

Your tattoo may start peeling 4-7 days after your session. This is normal. DO NOT PICK OR PULL AT IT. You can cause damage to your skin or infect it by doing so.

A tattoo is usually fully healed in 2 weeks.

If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call in to the shop.

416 792 5670.


Piercings take longer to heal than tattoos and require extra care.

Make sure to buy yourself some packaged sterile saline solution, or you can make yourself some non-iodized sea salt mixture.

Dissolve 1/8 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt into one cup (8 oz.) of warm water. Use either distilled water or tap water that has been boiled and cooled.

Please note, a stronger mixture is not better. Saline solution that is too strong can irritate the piercing and delay the healing process.

Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning or touching your piercing, for any reason.

Remove any ‘crusties’ that have accumulated on or around the piercing with your saline solution with a Q-tip. Do this once in the morning and then again before bed.

For some areas/ certain piercings, it is easier to do a sea salt soak, which involves inverting a cup (or shot glass) of warm saline solution over the area to form a vacuum and soaking for 5-10mins twice per day.

Dry by gently patting with a clean, disposable paper towel or Q-tip.

Avoid, cloth towels on piercings, since they can harbor bacteria or snag on the jewelry causing injury.

It is normal to have some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness or bruising. So don’t worry if you see that. During healing there may be some discoloration, itching, secretion of orangey-yellow fluid (this is plasma, not pus) that will form some crust on the jewelry.

The tissue around the piercing my tighten around the jewelry as well while it heals.

Once the piercing is healed, the jewelry may not move freely yet, so do not force it.

Make sure to clean your piercing regularly as a part of your daily hygienic routine.

A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete. This is because the tissue heals from the outside in, and although it feels fine, the interior may still be fragile.

Be patient, and keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period, but be sure not to over clean. Doing more cleaning that necessary may disrupt the healing process. Do whats necessary and leave it alone.

Even healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been there for years. This varies from person to person, so if you like your piercing, keep your jewelry in – do not leave it empty. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the shop. 416 792 5670