Shop Life - MAY 2015

As we get closer and closer to the better half of Summer, the focus for as always has been create endless work that our followers love. We've had a lot of great moments at FY - March and April of this year were certainly up there - but May was OUTSTANDING. Last month we were fortunate enough to have 23+ weather, and some special guest appearances. 

The month started out with some inspiring stories from clients who had been through some dramatic times.  Some old friends who had known each other from birth all decided that it would be fun to seal the deal with some initial tattoos. These moments translated to custom tattoos that they will share with people forever.

Below are some of the month's best memories you may have missed. Check them out and leave us some feedback for some cool idea's you may have!   

It's alright, I know what you want..

 I used to think that nails-down-a-chalkboard was the worst sound in the world. Then I moved on to people eating cereal on the phone. But only this week did I come across the rightful winner; it's the sound of a nagging homeless person begging for change... NOT BONNIE!  


It's not by chance that we are forever growing, forever creating, forever producing quality tattoos. For years we have always focused on creating an atmosphere where we could open up our door on Queen St and allow people to come in and feel like family. Everyday we all come to work, browse through some 8 Tracks playlists and catch up on last-nights events. Whether it be a night out of boozin n smoozin, or one of the staff returned from a 4 day vacation, theres always something going on.

If you like the exotic cars, fancy footwear, loud music and good conversations, I think you and your friends will find a new go-to tattoo studio this summer.