Let's start off the year the right way.







S/o to VICE for coming through the shop for an Interview. The press is always appreciated!

Yesterday, like most days this week was pretty eventful day. We had Slava P and the Vice team over to FY Ink to get the scoop with Scoot Mason and his consistent encounters with celebrity athletes. Probing for enthusiastic answers, Scoot continued to keep it 100% authentic by stating "I'm not a huge sports fan, so these guys appreciate not being hassled." Below is a slideshow of how the encounter went with a full video link and sitemap to the full story on Vice! 



Bautista Bat Flip Buzz

For weeks on end, we have been supporting our hometown sluggers. We waited and waited some more for something big to happen. When this amazing moment happened, we needed to act quickly so Lee and Scoot got down to business in search for the 'Ultimate Blue Jays Fan'. For one Blue Jays fan, having pictures of Jose Bautista tossing his bat after hitting that game-winning homer wasn't enough. He needed a tattoo of it. 

With no time to spare, we took to social media and asked "ARE YOU A DIEHARD FAN? PROVE IT ". The response was amazing, we had people from all over the world reaching out to prove it to us but it wasn't enough, we needed to do something as iconic as the bat swing, something that would last forever.

The morning after the tattoo got posted we had every network in the city lining up at our front door wanting to cover the story. MLB, ABC News, Global News, CP 24 and NBC News all shared the story, even the man himself Jose Bautista posted it on his Instagram

Norman James from CTV got the inside scoop on the story with an extended interview podcast of the story with Lee Baxter. Listen to the full podcast interview below:

We Found The Ultimate Jays Fan!

"We've been playing every Jays game in my Queen Street window all season," -Lee Baxter.

There's nothing better than strangers uniting to support our team. The Jays have become heroes that Toronto needs. The night of October 15th was a night to remember in the 6 as Joey Bautista #19 hit a homerun to bring the Jays up by 4 to win the game. 

While the iron was hot, Lee came up a brilliant idea and said "I wonder what fan is crazy enough to get this tattoo" then this happened...