SHOP LIFE | February 2015!

Each month we like to highlight and share with you moments that don't make it to our Instagram or Facebook. We want to give you a little more to look at for what you may have missed. Your interest can be measured in page views or retweets so lets keep that in mind this month ;). 

We started off the month welcoming Pete Zebley from Philly and Keegan Lam from Halifax as our Guest Artist's for this month. Pete's watercolours and patience for a custom piece really inspired us when we met him at Nix Tattoo convention last year. His custom work and unique ability was highly sought after from Torontonians all over this month. Keegan is no stranger to FY INK so it was nice to have him with us again for his extremely colourful wardrobe and strategic subway selfies.

Potter decided to return home from his long tattoo tour around Europe. He was along-side some of the worlds best tattoo artists like Borris Wein, Randy Engelhard, Carl Grace and Benjamin Laukis just to name a few.  So far he hasn't let us down and and we are very proud he has found a home at FY INK with us after all these years. He was also nice enough to bring back some gifts from the UK including a antique tobacco pipe for Andrew and some nasal crack that was so satisfying we had to tell Bonnie to stop coming by the shop.

Scoot was on a roll as usual starting off the month tattooing video vixen Sophia Body and her internationally known friend Tory Lanez. He counted hundreds of hundreds with his hundred year old grandma Scoot. It's not everyday that you hear someone turns 100yo never mind your own grandmother so shoutouts to grandma Scoot. Keeping busy wasn't hard for Scoot taking his realism up a notch with some original black an grey pieces day after day. I think overtime Scoot does something that make your trust his judgement. Adding another celebrity to his long list, Scoot was able to get some ink on Rick Homie Qwan before his concert in Toronto. Revealing a hyper realistic portrait of Chris Brown on his Instagram surely got Chris' attention and was reposted with over 150,000 likes! He then followed up with a portrait of 50 Cent for the non-believers. I wonder which celebrities next? 

Nikki the great wizard had an amazing month with a custom piece almost every day. She was lucky enough to sneak away to Aruba with Dan for a couple weeks to have some fun in the sun. Cant blame the girl, with all this work she's been doing lately she definitely deserves some time to enjoy herself!  Suno & Kwon the master's of the english language had a really exciting month tattooing some of the most detailed pieces i've ever seen. Portraits and script, birds and script, portraits of flowers, portraits with flowers and script lol. A tattoo of anything taking 1 hour or a portrait taking 9 hours will look as good as the rest. These guys know how to Tattoo and lucky to have them both with us. 

We welcomed our newest member Cesar to FY INK because we saw his passion for wanting to tattoo. We had to see if this kid was up to the challenge so we paired him and Manny up for Valentines Day to do something a little bit different. Allowing the public to take advantage of an amazing opportunity, we had a 2 for 1 special that kept our doors open after hours. Couples, best friends, siblings and parents all were present that day to scribe mirrored ink into their skin. Both Manny and Cesar did some sick pieces this month proving us all right about their skill and talent. It was a great feeling to have all of our artists share stories and learn from each other and our guest artists we had; Sergey Shanko and Focus Tattoos. 

All in all we had a very successful month and we hope we can continue to grow with you guys. Thanks for another month on the block we call home! 

Fly like a bird, I wanna fly awayyy!

After 5 sessions over the course of 5 weeks, 35 man hours on his stomach, 2 bottles of intenze tattoo ink and some missed Raptors game; Sheldan is complete! The patience and precision it takes to complete a free hand piece as detailed as wings must be difficult. Not for Kwon, he does this everyday. It must be the squint in his eye. God, I love Koreans!