Easter Monday shinnanagins


Unlike most stores in Toronto, We're rarely ever closed. Sun up, sun down, rain, sleet, snow, hail whatever; we've got tattoo's to do. All day our shop was full with appointments, walk-ins and interviews. Rogers TV in Waterloo/ Windsor were working on an hour long segment on life behind manny successors in Toronto. We made the cut for the "Behind the Ink" where  we describe the story of our of or artists. Questions ranging from who, what, where, when, and why we do what we do. A couple of our tattoo artist's (Nikki & Potter) were happy to share they're stories with the interviewer (Jesse) . Lee had quite a few things to say from the business side of things as-well.  

Mother nature played a big role over the weekend with light showers. The wind was more of a light breeze but it left our sign knocking on the building. Great thing for us, we've got a bunch of handy men. Thanks guys.