Krappie Kings TV Host get's hooked for life.

The host of Krappie Kings Television, Karl Kalonka, known for his brilliant, bigger than life persona on Extreme Angler TV, and touring the U.S came up with the idea to take his passion for filming to the next level. He wanted to get a tattoo that represented his 15 years travelling while fishing in his online web-series. 

In each episode of Krappie Kings TV, Karl travels to selected fishing locations and hooks up with some of North Americas renowned crappie experts, famous entertainers and characters alike who share their secrets and knowledge for catching bigger than life slabs! For his upcoming episode of KKTV, Karl wanted to feature a new aspect to his craft and his web-series so he stopped by Fy Ink to get a new tattoo of his favourite fish bait. While filming his session, he also decided to interview Kyle Ghostkeeper about his past, present and future plans as a tattoo artist in Toronto.