2 Year Anniversary Party

This past Satuday, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  

We cleaned up the back, extended the space with astro turf, got a dj in (Lissa Monet), added couches, a granite bar, a light machine, christmas lights, a full sized bbq grill...I wont lie, the backyard looked good. Shouts outs to the boss man, Lee for that one. 

We always assume since partying is easy than so is setting up for it. And we're always wrong. Every time.  

Being the overly confident people we are, we waited until last second to set everything up and of course, we werent ready by 5, which worked out in favor since it drizzled outside for a bit.  

We didnt start until 8. But the party really started when Lissa Monet arrived. She brought the turn up for real.  

If there's one thing Im usually really good at, its playing host. And as you can probably see by the pics, I take my job seriously. lol

Lee had said it earlier. "I want our party to be so crazy that the cops have to shut us down." Well, just before midnite - just before the majority of our guests arrived, cops showed up and started breaking balls. I get it, I get it. They were doing their jobs, but it doesnt mean I cant be mad at them for spoiling the fun for everyone. 

Yea, we might have shut down the party earlier than we wanted, but hell yea did we ever throw a good damn party.  

I think this is going to have to be an annual thing. That shit was just way too fun to never do again. 

So first and foremost thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us and thank you (and sorry) to everyone who made it out only to see the aftershock. We did our best to throw a dope party, but looks like the local residents weren't into the trap/ rap and hip hop that was being blasted. Either way, thank you to all our supporters, clients, friends and family for coming and partying with us. We are who we are because of who you are to us. 

Special thanks to David Camargo of Rockstar Energy for sponsoring the event and thanks to Sher Sekhon of Sutton Kings as well for manning the grill and supplying all the BBQ for the day! 

Shout outs to the Forever Young Ink crew. Im proud of us and all we've become and achieved thus far. We've definitely had our fair share of ups and downs, but its ok. Because if it took all of that just to be get us to where we are now, then shit, Id do it all over again. I hope we have many more anniversary celebrations to come. Team work make the dream work. 

Cheers to us and everyone around us.  

Cheers to being forever young.