Montreal Tattoo Convention 2013

Unfortunately, I didnt get to make it out with my camera until the final day of the convention. I actually wasnt even able to stay the whole day. Potter, Andrew and Lee arrived on Thursday night. 

I came back from Cali Saturday night after a 5 hour flight at midnite, got home around 1ish, slept for a few hours, woke up at 6 and drove for 5 hours from Toronto to Montreal, stayed for 3 hours and drove my ass back home to Toronto for an event.  

What can I say? Its crew love around here.  

I liked the layout of the convention. It wasnt a huge space but I gotta say I love that there were skylights in there. You dont feel so sheltered and excluded from the rest of the world. Im also glad the stage is on the main floor and that there werent separate rooms that created any sort of separation from the action. And the St. Hubert's being on site?! So on point! 

Congrats to Potter for taking an award home for best medium black and grey piece with the James Dean piece.