Its a new day in the tatt world

I hope no one takes offense to this post but regardless, I'm just going to speak freely and honestly.  

This is the second tatt shop I've ever worked at and I am proud to say that neither shops had any flash, catalogues or giant posters on the wall with codes beside pre-drawn stencils and ish.  

Tattoos have evolved and progressed greatly ever since I entered the industry. I remember a time when tatts were just tramp stamps, tribal, barb wires, Chinese characters, skulls, rosaries and praying hands. Now dont get me wrong, there aint nothing wrong with that. Tattoo technology wasn't capable of what it is now. The machine, needles and inks weren't what they are today so the art was to an extent limited. 

When people come in now and ask for certain tattoos that may be considered generic or common, I usually try to steer them away in to another direction. And its never because Im being a tattoo snob or anything. I understand that some people just genuinely really like simple or old school tattoos, but for the most part the customers who ask us for some of these generic tattoos just havent been exposed to great work. 

I just think that if you're going to get a tattoo you should get something thats also a beautiful piece of art. It could still be meaningful and creative at the same time. Something that shows your mind and creativity as well as that of your artist.   

Like instead of getting your ribs covered in script maybe look into the meaning of that and convey it through images. Get something that everyone else can be amazed by. You dont have to be so literal with your tattoos. Instead of getting a rosaries and praying hands, maybe find a religious painting you like and get that on you. Its much more epic and impactful I feel.  

Your body is empty canvas, tattooing is now a highly evolved and advanced art form. If you're going to pay and get something put on your body for the rest of your life, why not have a masterpiece on you?  

And like I said, theres nothing wrong with liking the other types of tatts I mentioned. This is merely food for thought. Im just opening a new window with a new view. Art is relative. Im just showing y'all what the industry has taught me. But to each their own. 

Happy Inking.