Last night was f*ckin' hilarious! I f*ckin' love this shop!

Usually our blog posts are pretty self explanatory, but I think I'm going to have to explain and describe what happened in here last night. lol

As we all know Queen St West is a pretty cool strip. Fashion. Food. Clubs. Bars. Good looking young people...and crackheads, weirdos and zombies. We got it all. 

So anyways, Buddy strolls into the shop yesterday an hour after we had already closed asking about cover ups because he hated a couple of his tatts. Then he started taking off his shirt and showing up all the other cover ups he has! Honestly, I aint even trying to be an asshole, but he definitely has a few gems. lol. Like the Mike Tyson from punch out, or the woman humping a panther or the rabbit giving it to the turtle. lol.  

Anyhow, Buddy keeps on harassing Lee for a free tatt. Lee's getting annoyed. But he keeps on talking. He's persistent as shit. Telling his life story and all these funny stories to get on Lee's good side. 

So someone was like "Tatt him then! Tatt a vagina on him!" 

We all started laughing and then Lee goes "Yea! But I'm going to tatt you!"

So Buddy was like "Fuck! Lets do it! I love free tatts!" 

So Lee put on his gloves and started free handing the tatt on his arm...and when he was done, he added a penis. lol. Buddy was like "WTF?! Dont put a dick on me bro! Please man! "

Then I said, "its ok bro. We also do cover ups here. We're about $150-175/hr! " 


Oh man! So we were all dying. Buddy goes "Can you put "Get Lucky", and a clover leaf too?" Lee's like hell yea we can. While Lee was tatting that Buddy goes "Can you add U2 to it? I like them. You know, I've been inside a tatt shop 36 times now?" So Lee says "Lets add a 36 too!"

He says fuck yea. And then Scoot says "I want to write Scoot on you! Thats my name!" He says "Yea man! Everyone should sign me." 

Sure enough thats exactly what happens. Even one of the clients tatt him and a random photographer who came in off the street. lol. 

Yea. It was really funny to tatt all these random things on a person who was cool with just having fun, but its about the memory that went along with it all. Its the story we've just added to our history and relationships. Its the fact that it we all had a blast and got to hang out with each other and laugh at the same thing. Sometimes we get caught up working so hard, trying to win awards, or get in magazines or whatever that we forget how much fun tattooing and the shop can be. We forget how much fun we have with each other and how much of a family we are. It was honestly such a priceless memory.

We're serious about our art and work, but I believe we maintain a good balance of fun and randomness as well.  

Forever Young?

Hell yea we are.