NIX 2013

In the tattoo world, nothing is as exciting (or exhausting) than the tattoo convention.  

We get to meet and hang out with some of the greatest artists around the world, find new inspiration and motivation through their work and attend seminars. Party with the other industry heads. Catch up with ex team mates and make friends with new people. But most importantly you get to show what you've been working on all year, show how much you've progressed and hopefully earn some respect and recognition amongst your peers.  

We might have forgot to submit for a couple categories and missed some awards the first two days, but when Q won two on the last day in two different categories with the same piece, I wont lie, it felt fucking good! lol. It was such a rush to win, especially back to back. 

Shout outs to the Forever Young Ink family! I am so proud of everything we've accomplished this year! And I know its only going to get better from here! Cheers!

And shout outs to our homie, Ryan. Congrats on your award as well. Glad to see you killing it! And as always shouts to the family at Chronic Ink! Congrats on all the awards as well. Im saying man, we should just combine shops and call it Chronic Forever or some shit. lol. 

And of course, shout outs to the good people at NIX for putting on another amazing show. Its amazing to see how many more people come out this year. Its good to know the industry is receiving more and more support.