7 hours

If theres anything Im known for when it comes to tattoos, its not finishing them. Sometimes its the artists' fault, but usually its mine for tapping out. 

My breaking point is usually 4 hours, but lately the pieces Ive been choosing are like 10 hrs. lol. And the artist doesnt finish in one sit. And then we never get back to it later on because we both get excited about another idea. lol. I guess thats what happens when you work in a shop. They just want to use you as a canvas and you just want some dope (fiinished) tattoos. lol.

So before I sat down yesterday, everyone was breaking my balls telling me I couldnt finish the tattoo. That I was going to tap out. They started placing bets on when Id quit. So I said fuck it, Im going to finish today no matter what happens!

7 hours later (and a shitload of Bactine), I finished! lol.

I might have had Bactine, but I still finished!

So ha!

And shout outs to Q for this amazing masterpiece I now have on my back! ...so youre going to help me finish my other pieces now right? lol