Nikki tatts at the Oasis Skateboard Factory Fundraiser at ANOMALY

First and foremost, shout outs to Shaundelle of Anomaly for including our shop in this great event and cause. 

Anomaly, an advertising agency with several locations all over the world has a mentorship program with Oasis Skateboard Factory and put together a dope little fundraiser event at the office. Besides having Nikki tatt at the event, Kevon Lyons was there, a custom made half pipe was placed in the office, they had a live DJ and break dancers performing.  

Lets just say when I arrived, I didnt expect to see what I saw. It was a giant office, built like a maze almost, each room had its own little theme. Definitely a cool spot to let the creative juices flow. But Im sure you got a little a taste of that from the photos. 

Anyhow, if you aren't familiar with Anomaly, check their site out