Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival aka Calgary Tattoo Convention 2013

Some shops don't see a point in attending tattoo conventions. They see it as too expensive or they feel other means of marketing are better. And even more shops see no point in conventions that are out of town. Whats the point right? The customers are too far. What is the likelihood of them traveling that far to come get tatted at our shop?

Although these are valid arguments, sometimes its about the greater picture. You can either just keep working away and make your consistent money, or you can push yourself to a greater platform and compete amongst the greatest. It's not about beating them or being better than everyone else. Its about being inspired and motivated by the greatness of the people in your field. It's about seeing where you stand. How talented you are, or how much more work you still have to put in. You're always great when you never leave your little bubble. But growth comes stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether you become the best artist that ever lived or not is beyond the point, its about being better than you were yesterday. Progression is key. 

We came in to this convention as strangers. As some random shop from Toronto. But we left in a whole different light. We left with a handful of new friends, a page full of new clients and a couple awards under our belt. Needless to say, it was a very memorable experience. It definitely boosted our confidence as artists and as a shop. It's things like this that help bring you into the correct head space to get to the next level.

To everyone in Calgary, thank you for the love and support we received last week. It means more to us than you know. We promise to continuously give you our best. 

Until the next convention.  

Also, a special thanks to Damien of NIX for all his help with making the Calgary trip happen.